Course Expectations

Class Expectations:


  1. Students should respect the property and personal space of all others.Respect for others includes arriving to class on time, prepared to do class/lab activities (homework competed, book, notebook and pen) and treating others, as they would like to be treated.
  2. Students should keep in mind that the laboratory rules are for their safety and the safety of others.(See Laboratory Rules and Contract)Any violation of a safety rule, the student will be sent to the Attendance Office and a zero will be given for that day’s lab.No warnings and no exceptions
  3. Students will be graded on class participation that will include work done individually and as part of a team.
  4. No credit (zero) will be given to homework turned in late.Homework grades are based on how complete the assignment is.Time is usually given at the end of class to start the assignment and/or to ask questions about the assignment.
  5. Labs, projects or take-home quizzes are due on time, whether the student is in class or not.Ten (10) points will be deducted for each day the assignment is late up to 5 school days, at which point a zero will be given for that assignment.This includes field trips, pep rallies, lessons, etc.If you are planning on being out, the assignment can be turned in the day prior.(Absences from school are at the teacher’s discretion -See Student Handbook .)


Discipline Procedures:


  1. First reminder – verbal warning or removal from class/phone call home (depends on student’s action)
  2. Second reminder – teacher’s detention (15 minutes) Detention may be given before or after-school.
  3. Third reminder – teacher’s detention (30 minutes) and phone call home
  4. Forth reminder – removal of that day’s class (no credit for that day), formal write-up and phone call home
  5. Cell phones/IPods/IPads/etc. are not permitted in the school at any time for any reason.1st offense – I take device and give it back at end of the school day.2nd offense – I will give the device to an administrator, a formal write-up and a phone call home.3rd offense – same as 2nd plus face t-to-face parent, teacher & administrator conference.If student refuses to give me their electronic device they will be sent to the disciplinarian and will receive a formal write-up as well as a phone call home.
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