Website Evaluation

Why Should I Evaluate a Website?

  • Since anyone with a computer and Internet access can publish on the web, it is up to you to confirm whether the information is reliable.
  • Use the Evaluating a Web Site Guide to help you evaluate individual webpages.

What Should I Think About When I Evaluate a Website?

Authority. Who says? Know the author.

 Who created this information and why?

 Is he or she stating fact or opinion?

 Does the author acknowledge other viewpoints and theories?

Objectivity. Is the information biased? Think about perspective.o Does it reflect bias? How?

 Is a balance of perspectives represented?

 Could the information be meant as humorous, a parody, or satire?

Authenticity. Is the information genuine? Know the source.

 Where does the information originate?

 Is the information from an established organization?

Has the information been reviewed by others to insure accuracy?

 Is this a primary source or secondary source of information?

 Are original sources clear and documented?

 Is a bibliography provided citing the sources used?

· Reliability. Is this information accurate? Consider the origin of the information.

 Are the sources trustworthy? How do you know?

 Who is sponsoring this publication?

 Does the information come from a school, business, or company site?

 What's the purpose of the information resource: to inform, instruct, persuade, or sell?

 What's their motive?

Timeliness. Is the information current?

 Does the page provide information such as specific dates of information?

 Does currency of information matter with your particular topic?

 How current are the sources or links?

Relevance. Is the information helpful?

 Does the information contain the breadth and depth needed?

 Are you able to understand the information that is presented?

 Is the information in a useful form such as words, pictures, or video?

 Do the facts add to your knowledge of the subject?

 Will this information be useful to your project?

Ease of Use. Is this information worth the effort?

 Is the information well-organized including a table of contents, index, menu, and other easy-to-follow tools for navigation?

 Is the information presented in a way that is easy to use?

 Is the information quick to access?

How Can I Practice My Evaluation Skills?

  • There are many sites designed to help you learn how to evaluate websites and improve your evaluation skills.
  • Get in the habit of checking the “Wayback Machine” (

 This site lets you see how long a website has existed and how much it has (or has not) changed

 The longer a site has existed, the greater chance there is the information on the site is reputable

  • Take this quiz to gain an idea of your basic Internet knowledge
  • Check Snopes to confirm urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation
  • Review related information on Web Research Guide
  • See how good you are at understanding domain names with the help of this URL guessing activity
  • Pick out the characteristics that make these websites fakes:

Save the Tree Octopus

Dihydrogen Monoxide


What If I Still Have Question?

  • Ask your teacher.
  • Visit the Information Center and ask Mrs. Parisi!


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