s Everything You Read Online Accurate?

s Everything You Read Online Accurate?
Posted on 01/18/2017

Is Everything You Read Online AccurateThe Internet is a wonderful place to search for information and keep up-to-date on so many ideas but is everything you read on these webpages accurate? This is the question that Mrs. Fuschetto and I posed to all of her history classes last month. The students overwhelming commented that there is an abundance of fake and misguided stories on the Internet. The reality is that the students are absolutely correct. Ms. Fuschetto and I showed the students some fake news stories about the presidential candidates and how many times they were commented on, re-posted, and talked about. The numbers were staggering considering all of the stories were fictional.

We also showed the students some fake websites. At first glance, they look credible but as one reads further, the ideas start to get “weird”. For example, Balboa, the explorer, wanted to be an Olympic fencing champion and the endangered Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus' main predator is Sasquatch. Two other examples are a fast food restaurant that uses Ninjas to deliver your order and Dog Island where you can send your dog so they will be free from the hardships of dealing with humans. All of these webpages exist on the Internet and all are fake.

Ms. Fuschetto and I explained that students are in such a rush to complete the assigned project that most of the time they never verify a webpage to ensure its accuracy. We explained that this is a critical step in the research process and one that needs to be carefully completed each time. Accurate webpages exist on the Internet and there are several ways to find them.

To assist the students, we gave each of them a handout that outlines aspects of a webpage which will allow them to assess its quality. The handout asks them to look for things like date of last update, author’s name, contact information, overall appearance, amount of advertisements, and much more. Ms. Fuschetto and I are confident that if students utilize the form and the knowledge we provided to them, they will become critical thinkers and experienced researchers.

Fake Websites

  1. Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
  2. Ninja Burger
  3. Dog Island
  4. All About Explorers

Evaluating Fake News and Websites Information

  1. Fake Website Evaluation Paper
  2. Fake News Evaluation Paper
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