Health Forms

Over The Counter Medication Policy 
Please note that we are not allowed by law  to give your child Tylenol, Advil, cold medicine or any other over the counter medication without specific written authorization from both you and your child's doctor. Should your child require medication while at school please download the appropriate form. You are required to provide the medication in the original bottle/container. We can keep it here in the health office.

Epi Pens/Asthma/ Inhalers 
If your child uses an inhaler and you prefer them to carry it, please have your physician complete the Asthma Action Plan  and indicate that both you and your child's doctor authorize him to carry/use own inhaler as needed. 

If your child has a life threatening allergy, he or she should have an Epi pen in our office, or carry an Epi pen. Your written authorization/physicians signature is needed on the form along with orders to give it/self administer it.  ** The physicians portion can be written/signed on a Drs Rx and attached to the form and mailed, dropped off.

Physical Education Medical Excuses  
A written note from a physician is required to excuse a student from gym class. It should specify the length of time the student is to be out of gym and or any restrictions in their activity. Please bring the note to the health office or have your doctor fax it to us at 908-777-7801. We will contact your child's gym teacher. Note: if the medical excuse reads " until further notice", an additional note will required every three months. Please have the note brought/sent to the health office.
Students who are excused from gym class for more than 10 consecutive days are assigned to a study hall and are required to complete written work in order to gain credit for the class. This "gym packet"is available on Google Docs.. under  Medical Google Classroom.

One gym packet is required for each cycle (2 per marking period). It must be completed on or before the due date. All written work will be evaluated and students will earn a grade for the time period that they are medically excused. Students who fail to complete the assignments will be given an " F" in PE for that marking period. All grades earned while a student is medically excused will be included in determining the marking period grade in gym. 

If your child is injured and is returning to school with crutches or any gym excuse, they must come to the health office
to be given a PE excuse, and a study hall assignment and elevator pass if needed.

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