Policy & Procedures


Physical education and health are required subjects in the State of New Jersey and all students must successfully complete four years in order to graduate. The Physical Education Program provides two days of strength and conditioning and three days of selected sports and activities each week. Students must actively participate in physical education every day in order to be successful. The following guidelines will assist students in this endeavor:

1. Students must change from school clothes to appropriate clothes for Physical Education class.  They may wear shorts, sweat pants, sweatshirt, t-shirt, and sneakers.  The t-shirt must hang over the waist.  The students are NOT permitted to wear sleeveless shirts, tank tops, jeans, or shorts deemed inappropriate for class.

 2.  If a student does not dress for class. or is not dressed appropriately, they will receive an unprepared for the day.  Each unprepared a student receives will result in 10 points taken off their final grade.  Any student who accumulates four or more unprepared's in a marking period will fail Physical Education class for that marking period.  If a student accumulates 12 or more unprepared's or more. they will fail Physical Education for the year.  A student with a grade of a 90, has 2 unprepared's their final grade would be a 70, resulting from 10 points off for each unprepared.

3.  The Physical Education program consists of 6 4 1.2 week cycles. (approximately 20 to 24 days).  Their Physical Education grade will be based on 3 marking periods, the other marking periods, the students will participate in Health and Driver's Education.  Grade 10 will have Driver's Education, Grade 11 will have CPR/First Aid /AED, and upon completion of the course the students will take the test and receive CPR/AED First Aid certification.  Grade 9 will have Health, and Grade 12 will have Life After High School.  The Health and Physical Education are separate grades and are not averaged together.

4. Each student is assigned a locker beginning freshman year and are expected to use that locker until they graduate, or leave the district.  Students must supply their own lock.  Combination locks work the best because there are no keys to lose or misplace. 

5.  Students are not allowed to share lockers, or change their locker without permission.

6. Use of aerosol sprays are prohibited in the locker rooms, and will be taken if discovered. 

7.  Mobile, Cellular phones ear buds, or any other electronic devices are not allowed in the gym during class.  No warnings will be issued for the use of such equipment, and the student using the the device will be given a Zero for participation.


A student with a doctor’s note must first have the physical education teacher initial the note and then bring it to the health office. Do not leave the note with the physical education teacher.  A parents note for a student to miss physical education class will not be accepted.


A doctors written note will allow the student to be excused from physical education class. The doctor may recommend activities in which the student can participate, or not participate.  Doctor's notes must be received prior to or during the period of time that the student is excused. If the doctor’s note reads "until further notice," an additional note will be needed for re-entry into class activity, and the note will be needed to validate an extended excuse.

The medical note should include the reason the student is out of gym. "Personal" will be accepted for certain reasons. Notes from chiropractors MUST state the problem.


Students who are medically excused from physical education for more than Ten Consecutive school days are required to complete written work in order to gain credit. All written work will be evaluated and students will earn a grade for each period of time (cycle) that they are medically excused. There will be a new assignment for each cycle on Physical Education Medical Google Classroom  Students turn in their medical excuse to the Nurse must get the Password for Medical Assignments Google Classroom.

Health Requirements

Each grade will have a quarter or marking period of health educations.  Freshman Health class is an overview of several health related topics The sophomores will have Driver's Education Theory class, where they will take the NJ Motor Vehicle test to obtain their Driving Permit. The high school does not teach behind the wheel.   Juniors will take C.P.R./A.E.D. First Aid Training.  In this class the students will learn C.P.R. for infant, child and Adult, while learning to use an A.E.D.  They also will be taught first aid.  During the class the students will take the test to be certified for C.P.R./A.E.D.  Senior Health class is Life After High School.


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